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If your anything like me you love the classics!  I grew up playing hackie sack with my friends.  I remember we would do it for hours trying to top the number of hits we had each time. And I could never solve a Rubik’s cube, but I sure tried!

KickFire Classic Games!


Remember a time when there wasn’t Wi-Fi?  How about tablets and smart phones?  As children we were forced to use our imaginations!  Play outside, get all the kids in the neighborhood together and play a giant game of hide and seek or kickball.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “classic” as: an item judged over time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind. Since video games and electronic devices don’t fit in that definition, we are committed to getting you the  toys from our childhoods that are challenging and exciting enough to capture the classicsattention of today’s youth.

As a parent I try and teach my kids about the classics.  The quality of the construction and durability.  The games we grew up with there was no end, you just kept playing… trying to beat your previous count or score!  The games these kids play today are extremely expensive and they beat them In a couple days. After they beat there game what do they do with it?… they just put back on the shelf and never touch it again!

We want our children out and moving, this is why we need to bring back the classics! They are cheaper,  you can play them for days without end. Kids were way more active when we were growing up.  Get them away from devices for awhile!

Check out some of these Classics here!

How many kids these days have even flown a kite?  Or even know what a hackie sack is?  It’s time to get up, get outside and show your kids what being a kid is all about!