Board Games and Activities For the Whole Family

board gamesIf you are looking for inexpensive things to do with your family… look no further!  This is one of the best gifts you can get for yourself and your family.  You can get all kinds of different board games and activities for everyone in your family.  You can customize your packs to best fit the type of family you have.


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You can customize your pack, board games and activities!

You can choose from two basic packs to start with.


Family Pack which includes:                                                               Big Kid Pack (which is really for adults) includes:

Family Board Game                                                                                               Big Kid Board Game
Family Activity                                                                                                       Big Kid Smaller Game
Activity For Each Child                                                                                           Big Kid Mini Game
Awesome Goodies For Each Child                                                                          Awesome Big Kid Goodies
Awesome Activity Book                                                                                          Awesome Pack Customized Goodies
Awesome Goodies                                                                                                 Hours Of Big Kid Fun
Hours of Family fun

 board games


We always Level UP our Awesome With more than just board games!

The awesome pack come with lots of extra goodies like monthly activity books and fun stuff for your entire family.  Cool loot, lots of contests and even celebrate your birthday with special birthday cards for everyone in your family.
Our Experts of Awesome are always working to push our Awesomeness levels higher every month to give you the MOST AWESOMENESS that we can jam into your pack!

You will get unique and different games and activities each month.  You will even get awesome hands on activities like science kits and crafts for the kids.

You and your family will be dying to get your next months pack!  And guess what?  You can even get some add on goodies for your pets!  They are part of the family too!

Never worry about what to do with your kids on rainy days or those long cold winters!  These packs will keep you occupied for hours on end. And when you do get bored of a game or tired of craft or activity… your next pack will show up and the fun will start all over again!

Stop by and check out these amazing packs and never go bored again!